Christmas Eve/Christmas Day and Swedish Christmas Dinner

As Swedish Christmas is on Christmas Eve we have gone out for a meal in the evening the last couple of years. So this is what we did again this year. Esme wanted to wear her party outfit!

Christmas Carols were sung outside the pub...Shame we didn't have lots of snow like last year!

After putting an excited Esme to bed we finished wrapping the presents ready for the morning..

This is Esme having just come downstairs to see that Jultomten has delivered all the presents!

Discovering that Jultomten and his reindeers have eaten the biscuits and chocolate we left and drunk the milk and water. He left a lovely note saying thank you, what a polite Jultomten!

I decided that this year I would make Swedish Christmas dinner rather than the usual turkey. After a trip to Tesco at 4.30am on Christmas eve morning I had all I needed!

                 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

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