Someone told me to watch The Killing, a danish series on BBC (sub titled), and so I did. It's amazing!
You must must watch it. You can catch all the previous episodes on BBC iplayer, I watched 3 episodes the other night and just watched a fourth one. It's really well made and keeps you wanting to watch more.

Let me know if you do watch it and what you thought of it!


Pappa and kidsen took a lovely walk

Some photos from their day out today whilst I was at work! Looks like I missed out on a nice day!


These are some of the things my clever stepson has been making. He loves lego and building and creating stuff (that is when he isn't glued to the PSP!). I love the fact that he likes making stuff and is interested in building and being creative. And if you know me then you know how much I hate things like PSPs!

Pottery workshop

I can't recommend this enough really. I had an amazing time and 4 hours wasn't enough time at all. I could have stayed there all day and all night I enjoyed it so much. This was a Christmas present from Dear Husband and I would recommend this as a great christmas/birthday present for anyone really, old or young, male or female. I am def going to do another one later in the year and I might try one of their other courses too.

And even if you don't fancy going on a pottery workshop then a trip to the pottery itself is also fun. It's beautiful and you can walk round inside the pottery watching all the pots being made and even be shown into the clayroom where everything is prepared.

You'll have to wait around 6 weeks to see what was made I'm afraid!


Kitchen table arrived!


It's a handmade table with two handmade benches to match. Just in the right old farmhouse kitchen table style I wanted! I  thought it was a bargain anyway, at less than £200. I can def recommend the guy making them, he has literally started up just before Christmas and makes them in his garage. He even delivers for a small extra cost up to a 100 mile radius of Birmingham. I am sure he is going to be very busy with these!


I am off to a pottery course tomorrow at Whichford Pottery courtesy of my dear husband. This was one of the Christmas presents he got me, he had hidden a copy of the course details inside a flower pot! I promise to show you the results, bad or bad, in about 6 weeks time once the pots have been fired and are ready to collect.

Hope everyone has a nice relaxing evening!

Beautiful song

Baby Esme

I'm being all sentimental as its Valentine's day I think! Having a look through some old photos of my gorgeous little girl, haven't really looked back at them before. She is now a beautiful little girl and it's amazing to think that only a few years ago she was a cute little baby!

Ebay treasure

I wonder who has used this in the past? I imagine a 1950's housewife using it to measure out the flour to make bread before the children come home from school or perhaps some cakes for her husband when he comes back from work. At the time it was probably the latest technology! I love the way its gone a bit rusty as well, all adds to the charm! Quite simply beautiful.


After almost 5 (!) years we have finally put up a coat hanger in the hallway! And this is the result.

Esme got mail

I opened the door to pick up the post this morning and to my surprise there was an envelope addressed to little Miss Rae. She was very excited to open it! Thank you very much to my step mamma, Esme's step mormor!

Loving the Swedish flag that was enclosed!

You can expect a phone call this evening from her to say tack..


My super sweet 16

Oh My God! Have just watched this and I actually feel depressed now.

Is this what the world is coming to?! Is this what Esme is going to aspire to when she gets to 16?!

Kids now just seem to want to get their 15 minutes in the limelight or to be a Z-list celebrity rather than something which actually makes a difference in the world.

Am I just showing my age and sounding like a granny or have things really changed so much in the last 15 years or so?! I'm pretty sure that back in my day(!) being a glamour model, a reality tv star, underage mother or married to a footballer wasn't the top of any of my friends wish lists.

Esme, sweetie, if you read this in about ten year's time, I really hope you have grown up to be an independant girl with your own mind and realise that a lot of the stuff going on in the world is just fake and unimportant.

Kitchen table ordered

Yyyyyiieeeppppeee we're getting a new kitchen table and wooden benches! Found an ebay shop where they handmake tables and benches and as I couldn't quite believe how cheap they was selling them for we went up to Birmingham tonight to have a look to make sure they look ok in real life! And they are fantastic! The big reveal will be on here in a few weeks time when it is delivered! I can't wait! It's just a husband and wife team and he handmakes the tables and everything else in his garage. I'm sure they are going to do very well.

Beautiful things

I love love love the stuff from Danish Walther&Co and thought I would share! Beautiful things don't you agree? Maybe I'm the tiniest bit biased as I seem to love all things Scandinavian but really, these things are lovely (and handmade!). I think one of the big zink houses is going to have to go on my wish list.


A woman has been cautioned by police for leaving her 14 year old babysitting her 3 year old for half an hour. Is this some sort of joke?! Have they got nothing better to do? Plenty of 14 year olds have babies, are you really telling me that they can't then look after them without supervision?!
Fair enough if she had left the 3 year old on their own without anyone at all, or if she had left the 14 year old with the 3 year old when she flew to Spain on a booze up for a week but come on, 30 mins?!
I was more than capable of babysitting at age 14 and if the child is sensible then I don't see the harm?

Am I missing a point or just being an irresponsible parent?!


Blimey - a police lady knocked on the door!

Wow, police must be having some sort of drive of being more involved with the community. Just had a knock on the door from a police lady, wanted to introduce herself and let us know that they are contactable at the police station if we ever need them, and they also took down our email address so that for example if there is a burglary in the area in the future then they will email to be more vigilant!

She asked if we have had any problems or anything, which we haven't, and she looked pretty surprised at that and said am I sure?! I asked her about Neighbourhood Watch as I quite fancy getting involved in that. She said it's mainly the older generation that have these groups set up. She promised to look into it and get back to me. But surely it would be better if younger people got involved rather than a bunch of pensioners (no offence old ladies in my neighbourhood!).

Anyone up for starting a Neighbourhood Watch group!?


Oxford - day out

We've had a lovely day out today in Oxford. We drove to the Park & Ride, bargain at £4 for all five of us to park and get the bus in to central Oxford. It was a double decker bus which was even better as the kids loved it! Walked to the ice rink and got all kitted out, Esme stood on the ice for two seconds and then decided she had enough of iceskating as "its too slippy"! Katie went round twice and Ben didn't want to come off the icerink!
Then walked into Oxford and had a meal at Prezzo and then hopped on the bus back to get the car. All in all a lovely day!

Proud big brother with his two cheeky sisters!

Girls just wanna have fun!

Our god daughter is staying this weekend and this is how much fun her and Esme are having! (ps do you think they have got enough toys out?!)

Almost finished decorating (one room!)

Thought I would show you some photos of the latest room, apart from the kitchen, to get a makeover. And yes, dear husband did whinge about the choice of ceiling light! Spot a theme from the bedroom/kitchen photos?!

This is a first!

Come on Mamma, I want to go to bed!

I think this might be the first time ever Esme has said she wants to go to bed, no matter how late it is usually she says, I'm not tired, I don't want to go to bed! She is definately a night owl.

I guess that means I better get off the computer and might as well go to bed too!


Tree surgeons

Oh my oh my! We have had tree surgeons right outside the office for 3 days now and I can honestly say some of the ladies in the office, including myself, have spent quite a lot of time gazing out the window! I can't even tell you if any of them were actually good looking but boy do they look sexy!  (love you dear husband!). It's something very attractive about a man who can climb up a 50 foot tree, cut it down and make it look like he has just pruned a bonsai tree. I'm even tempted to go into work for the next couple of days even though I don't normally work Thu-Fri. Or maybe that is just taking it a bit far?!

Male midwifes

Have just watched "One Born Every Minute" online as missed yesterday's episode. I love that programme, find it so fascinating! This time there was a male midwife and I thought he was fantastic and was thinking that it really should be something that men should do more. I think you have to be a certain type of person to be a midwife but I really don't see why a woman could do the job any better than a man really. Not all women who are midwifes have had children and so saying that a male midwife can't relate to the pain etc is the same as saying that all midwifes also need to have given birth.

Some people would probably find it strange to have a male midwife, poking about in your nether regions, but a lot of the doctors/consultants are male and they also deliver babies and no one finds that strange so to me it isn't really any different? Gyneacologists always seem to be men strangely enough?!

I don't think I would have minded at all if I had had a male midwife when Esme was born. Wonder what everyone else's thoughts are on it?



I have finally finished the curtains, the first ever curtains I have made! Don't get too excited, they were very simple to make. So, what do you think? Are they ok? Or NOT?! I love the material but realise it might not be everyone's cup of tea. Smaken är som baken like we say in Sweden!

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