Have been to the GYM! Can you believe it! And I have even booked onto a Legs, Bums and Tums class for tomorrow evening, I thought I better strike while the irons hot! See how long this lasts now. Bets anyone?!
To be fair I haven't got the best track record, I tend to start going, keep the routine up for a few weeks and then something happens which means I don't go and then I end up not going again for months. Sounds familiar to anyone else? 

But its now or never probably. Had the big 30 birthday last year and its only going downhill from here isn't it?!


Postat av: Jo

Hey hun!! well done, that is very inspiring! I have done nothing eek!

2011-01-24 @ 23:28:43
Postat av: Marie

Woop woop! You go girl!!

2011-01-25 @ 16:34:45
Postat av: annelie

Naajs! =)

2011-01-25 @ 19:03:23

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