I'm back!

I really haven't felt like blogging for quite a while now, so many other things have been going on that made this seem so trivial but I think I will still carry on with it. I like it and find it helpful to be able to write things down as things happen, its a nice way of keeping a sort of diary of Esme growing up and remember all the things we get up to whether that be a family day out or some decorating we have done. In the grand scheme of things those are trivial but I have realised that by writing about them doesn't mean that I don't acknowledge all the bigger things in life.

As I am writing this I am sat here thinking about all the people in Norway who are now suffering the most unimaginable pain. I cried some tears for my old "neighbour" yesterday and can't quite believe how someone can carry out something like this, how sick and twisted must you be to get up in the morning and kill innocent people.

Norway is a small country and much like Sweden somewhere that to me has always felt very safe, very tolerant and I have always been incredible proud of where I grew up. Now it feels like the innocense has gone and my beautiful part of the world may never feel the same again.

I feel very grateful and blessed that my little family are ok and healthy.

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