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Breakfast rolls!

Woke up early this morning (why is that always the case at the weekend but during the week you can't drag yourself out of bed!) and was bored so I thought I'd make some bread rolls. Have never made bread before so wasn't sure how it would turn out. But they were eaten so I guess that means they got the thumbs up from the rest of the family!

Can't claim that I thought of the recipe myself, it came from the swedish website www.kokaihop.se so I thought I would translate it here:

makes about 30-40 rolls

1 litre milk
100g fresh yeast (ask for at any supermarket bakery)
2 tbsp honey or sugar
0.5 dl vegetable oil/olive oil
4 tsp salt
2.5 litre flour (can all be plain flour or could mix with different types of flour)

1. Mix the yeast with some of the milk in a large bowl. Add sugar/honey and the oil.
2. Add the flour and the rest of the milk and work the dough for about ten/fifteen minutes (add more flour if needed)
3. Add the salt and work the dough for another five minutes
4. Leave it to rise for about 40 mins, under a tea towel
5. Put the dough on a table and tear of chunks to make into rolls, about the size of a small orange
6. turn the oven on (220c). You can add a bowl of water to the bottom of the oven, this will make the rolls crispier
7. Leave the rolls to rise under a tea towel again until the oven is heated up
8. Cut a cross on the top of the roll, then brush with beaten egg
9. Cook in the oven for about 10 mins/until they look like they are ready (although mine needed about 20 mins)

Leave to cool for a few minutes before eating!

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