Ben the dancing champion!

A couple of weekends ago Ben came home and said that he had won first price, £5, at his school disco because he was THE BEST DANCER! Bless!

Dear husband says Ben is getting his dancing shoes from him, apparently he used to take home first price at his school discos 25 years or so ago! Before getting caught snogging girls behind the school shed no doubt. Thankfully Ben is too little to think about girls for a while yet, I don't think dear husband is ready to talk to him about the birds and the bees quite yet.


What a rip off!

How can it cost £71.50 (including car parking) to park at the local train station and make a journey that takes around 1 hour and ten minutes?! No wonder people drive everywhere instead. I can actually FLY to Sweden and back (!) for less than this!

I wasn't personally paying for this as went for work purposes but still, I'm annoyed!

Minimum wage for someone my age is £5.93 so if I was earning minimum wage I would have to work over 12 hours, not even taking into account any tax or national insurance I might have to pay to make this journey.

I think someone is having a laugh at our expense somewhere.

Annie Sloan paint

I have discovered the best paint ever!

It is completely amazing. I bought an old pine table on ebay the other day and have just painted it in their Louis Blue and it is very pretty. I wasn't sure about it and even thought about taking it back and now I'm so glad I didn't. I will show before and after photos once its dried!

This paint is just the best thing ever, no need to prime surface first, it can be painted on pretty much any surface, both outside and inside. Its also very easy to wash off from the paint brush (big thumbs up from me) and will even wash out of brushes weeks after you have left them to dry. Not that I EVER do that of course! Even if you leave the lid off (by accident) it wont form a skin on the top of the paint.

And the final plus is that it is environmentally friendly paint too.

The only downside is the price, it is quite pricey but I have just painted a coffee size table and have hardly used any of it. Plus you only need to do one coat so effectively using half of what you would do with any other paint.

They do a course, in Oxford conveniently, where they show you how to use their products to the best effect, how to distress furniture etc. The next one is in September so hint hint Mr Rae, this could be my birthday present!

Now, Annie Sloan, do you want to give me a job promoting your products?!

Like this song


I made paella for the first time today. It's turned out lovely if I say so myself! It was really really easy too, no idea why I have never given it a try before.

Pancake day!

When picking up Esme from nursery she exitedly tells me that they made pancakes today. Yes mamma, I had melon and sugar on mine, it was yummy!

He he, bless her, I assume she means lemon rather than melon unless this is some new combination that I am not aware of?!

To be honest, I don't get this lemon thing on pancakes. I'm pretty sure this is not something we do in Sweden? Unless some fellow Swedes can put me right?! Sugar, jam and possibly cream, now that is a pancake!

And just in case you read this my French friend (or your girlfriend might read it and can relay my request!), I am expecting crepes with nutella when I come round to see your new place!

Left overs for dinner!

Had some left over food in the fridge so thought I'd make something with that and it actually turned out quite nice!

Chopped up sausages, fried with chopped up red pepper,peas and green beans and then rice. Sort of like a stirfry. Yummy yummy!

Ikea coventry - never again!

I think I was so traumatised by my trip to Ikea in Coventry that I haven't functioned properly for the last week, hence no blogging! Ok, well perhaps that is making it slightly dramatic but it was pretty bad!

I normally go to Milton Keynes ikea which is about 50 minutes away but thought I might give Coventry a go as it is slightly closer. Never again, the time saved is def not worth it.

For starters, the shop is basically in the middle of Coventry rather than on the outskirts. This means that parking obviously comes at a premium and perhaps that is why ikea's own parking is so badly signposted? We basically ended up at the multi storey car park right next to ikea rather than their own car park. Well not such a big problem on the way there but walking up 11 flights of stairs with two children, a newborn and a trolley full of stuff was obviously not going to happen. 

Anyway, off we walked to the store, had some lunch and then walked round the upstairs bit. The store is all a bit higgledypiggledy (?!) and just not very well laid out. When we came out of the top of the store you have to get a lift to get down a level, well all the lifts we went into took us to all the floors apart from the one we wanted to go to. After asking someone they showed us to the right lift, on the other end of the store?!  

Having finished shopping and paying, the problem was then that there were two adults, two little children and one very small baby, plus a trolley full of ikea stuff, with the car in the multi storey car park round the corner, no lift and no trolleys allowed! So, I went and got the car, drove it round the corner and stopped on double yellows. Yes, yes I should obviously not stop on double yellows but by now it was raining and new born baby was getting cold! And I have to add that it was a one way road with two lanes, so people could actually get past and in to the actual ikea car park. Which most people did.

Apart from the stupid couple who stopped right behind us waiting for us to move, then shouting obscenities at us. Come on, is this the kind of people that live in Coventry?! The kind of morons who have nothing better to do than to whinge all day, probably never done a day's work and are just damnright miserable. Maybe I am generalising, the general popluation of Coventry is probably not being fairly represented by these people we came across but since I have never been to Coventry before they did not leave me with a good impression!

Anyway, I think that might be the last time I visit Coventry! Unless someone can enlighten me and tell me that I was just unlucky and Coventry is in fact a lovely place?

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