Pancake day!

When picking up Esme from nursery she exitedly tells me that they made pancakes today. Yes mamma, I had melon and sugar on mine, it was yummy!

He he, bless her, I assume she means lemon rather than melon unless this is some new combination that I am not aware of?!

To be honest, I don't get this lemon thing on pancakes. I'm pretty sure this is not something we do in Sweden? Unless some fellow Swedes can put me right?! Sugar, jam and possibly cream, now that is a pancake!

And just in case you read this my French friend (or your girlfriend might read it and can relay my request!), I am expecting crepes with nutella when I come round to see your new place!

Postat av: annelie

Citron ?!?!? What?!?!? Hahaha...

2011-03-09 @ 16:39:47
Postat av: alex

ha ha, ja jag fattar inget heller?! citron kan man val inte ha pa pannkakor?!

2011-03-09 @ 18:10:33

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