We have got an allotment! Amazingly they charge £12 per year, yes that's right, per year for a plot that is bigger than all of our garden at home! It needs a bit of work, so we've got the autumn to dig it over ready for the spring.
Me thinks a nice little shed painted a nice blue with some bunting round it with little polka dot curtains and some nice chairs to sit in after a hard day's work will look just lovely too! I know, I know, it's the vegetable planting that is important but no harm in prettifying the plot is there?! Looking forward to getting started now. Might even work wonders and the kids might actually eat some of the vegetables we produce, but then again I doubt it!
Will take some photos when we go down there next and show you.


Esme's room

Hello hello!! I really did intend to do some more posts but have been busy busy, as always I guess! Got 3 weeks off work now so hopefully going to get most of the painting and decorating done in the next few days so that the rest of the time can be spent relaxing. Pretty sure that won't actually happen though, why is it that I don't seem to be able to just sit down and relax, always got to be doing something or it feels like I am wasting the time.

Have had the very exciting job of painting skirting boards today and we have also put up some pictures in Esme's room. Esme's morfar and plast mormor bought her an alphabet table mat but I decided to frame it instead. Also made an ESME sign out of a load of spare buttons I had, think they look quite nice up on the wall together?

A while back when me and Emma went to the vintage fair I also bought an old printer's tray and that is now also up in her room, complete with some very old playmobil things that Pete got given from someone he works with. Very cute me thinks!

Growing up fast

Well I knew the day would be coming but hadn't realised it would be quite this soon! Ben came home and informed me that he will no longer be wearing pants and could I instead buy him some boxer shorts. He isn't even 9 years old yet! A few days later whilst shopping he asks me to get him some deoderant! It will be shaving and discussions about the birds and the bees before I know it!

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