We have got an allotment! Amazingly they charge £12 per year, yes that's right, per year for a plot that is bigger than all of our garden at home! It needs a bit of work, so we've got the autumn to dig it over ready for the spring.
Me thinks a nice little shed painted a nice blue with some bunting round it with little polka dot curtains and some nice chairs to sit in after a hard day's work will look just lovely too! I know, I know, it's the vegetable planting that is important but no harm in prettifying the plot is there?! Looking forward to getting started now. Might even work wonders and the kids might actually eat some of the vegetables we produce, but then again I doubt it!
Will take some photos when we go down there next and show you.


Postat av: Finni - Elliotts morsa

Haha vad gullig du är. Ja vi kämpar på :) Kramar!

2011-09-19 @ 17:39:06
Postat av: Finni - Elliotts morsa

Åh men tack så jättemycket! Massa kramar

2011-09-22 @ 12:47:17

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