Happy Halloween!


superglue does work on pumpkins/pimp my pumpkin!

Been carving pumpkins this afternoon with the kids..

Obviously me and Esme had to add something to ours!

Doesn't she look pretty!?!


Esme's first horseriding lesson

Esme has been saying for ages that she wants to go horseriding, so the nice Mamma that I am I booked her in for the day after her 4th birthday as this is the earliest they could take her.

I thought we'd get there and she would refuse to get on the horse, much like the fiasco of the ballet lessons she wanted to do last year! But no such luck (my poor wallet!). She got a horse called Melody, a small ish horse but must have looked huge in her eyes.

To my surprise she sat happily on it, holding the reins nicely while we waited for everyone to get ready. We then had to sit in the viewing gallery on the side whilst she had the lesson. Every time she went past she gave us a big smile and looked so proud of herself. She even managed to do some trotting and whilst I was worried she might fall off that didn't seem to bother her at all!

I'm not really that emotional usually but I have to admit that I cried when I saw how well she was doing and what a big girl she has become!

Birthday Photos

Patiently waiting for birthday guests to arrive!

The birthday was a "craft" birthday party and they all got to make a mask to then take home.

Wasn't entirely sure how using glue would work out, could have been a disaster with the kids glueing themselves to the chairs, floor, each other but thankfully it worked out just fine!

Birthday girl!

Esme's friend Amber

Esme's friend and future husband Oliver

Even all the boys enjoyed themselves and made some fantastic masks.

Hanna and Mia, Esme's swedish twin friends!

Esme's friend Iris





Birthday cupcakes for princess Esme.

"behind the scenes" ooohhh dear!

My baby's birthday

I can't believe it is now 4 years ago since my beautiful Esme arrived into the world. It's actually making me quite emotional thinking about it. I remember them showing her to me and I can still picture it in my head like it was yesterday, I hope that image will always stay as clear in my mind. Even when she is a grumpy teenager one day! Or when one day hopefully she will be a mummy herself. Even now when I call her my little baby she says "but Mamma I'm not a baby anymore, I'm a big girl". But of course in my mind she will always be my little baby. And she really is turning into a big girl in front of my eyes and I can't tell you how proud I am of her. She is the most precious thing in my life and I am the proudest Mamma in the world.

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