My baby's birthday

I can't believe it is now 4 years ago since my beautiful Esme arrived into the world. It's actually making me quite emotional thinking about it. I remember them showing her to me and I can still picture it in my head like it was yesterday, I hope that image will always stay as clear in my mind. Even when she is a grumpy teenager one day! Or when one day hopefully she will be a mummy herself. Even now when I call her my little baby she says "but Mamma I'm not a baby anymore, I'm a big girl". But of course in my mind she will always be my little baby. And she really is turning into a big girl in front of my eyes and I can't tell you how proud I am of her. She is the most precious thing in my life and I am the proudest Mamma in the world.

Postat av: asca

Hoppas att ni hade en finfin dag tillsammans! =)


2011-10-23 @ 20:42:06
Postat av: Finni - Elliotts morsa

Tack så mycket! Och grattis i efterskott till lilltjejen!

2011-10-25 @ 10:59:36
Postat av: Ann-Charlotte

Vilket kalas & så fina cupcakes!!


2011-10-27 @ 19:33:08

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