Less is not more

Not when it comes to my daughter anyway! This is her yesterday, pretty dress, obviously accesorised with socks pulled up (even though she has refused to wear socks ALL winter) and pink shoes. Added to this the usual bling, two rings, 3 necklaces, Peppa Pig watch and last but not least 3 airclips on each side!


We are doing what half the rest of the population is probably doing today too, can you guess?! Yes, gardening! Dear husband is out cleaning the decking with a pressure washer (thank you for lending it to us, you know who you are!). Means that very soon we can sit outside and have bbq's in the evening, can't wait! At least if I sit with my back against the rest of the garden I can pretend it is ALL looking lovely rather than just the decking! Oh well, we will get round to the rest of the garden at some point too I guess!

Doesn't the decking look lovely?! It was a 30th birthday present from my pappa and stepmum, and my pappa and brother came over all the way from Sweden and laid it for us. Thank you so so much! Wish you all lived closer! xx


More finds at Handmade and Vintage Fair

Bought some gorgeous bunting made by the talented Henhouse; http://henhousehomemade.blogspot.com/ Might even attempt to make some myself for Esme's room now.

This reminds me of my farmor (granny) and I had to have it, she always used to have 7 different kinds of cakes on the table when we went round, home made of course. In the olden days it used to be tradition to offer your guests seven different types of cakes, maybe now I will become a proper housewife and bake all day!

Only one more thing to show from the fair now but I need to wait for dear husband to put it up on the wall first! Can you guess what it is?!

Vintage and Handmade Fair

Went to the amazing Vintage and Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury with my lovely friend Emma at the weekend. Quite a trip, took about an hour and 40 mins to get there but soooo worth it. The stalls were amazing, could literally have bought everything and there were loads of people walking around, with quite a few in vintage clothes etc which was lovely.

I bought a few things and thought I would show them.

Vintage shoes lasts. Think they look sweet just standing on the stairs (ignore the state of the stairs, the decorating fairy hasn't got to them yet!)

Some sweet hair clips.

Hopefully will grow some lovely lettuce to accompany summer BBQ's.

Bought a few more lovely things but need to take photos of them tomorrow in better light before I show them on here.

I'm already excited about going to the Christmas one, I'm sure there will be loads of goodies!


You learn something new each day!

Just caught the end of Lambing Live and for some reason they were showing the birth of a baby cow. Well I didn't know that they do caesareans for cows! Apparently it is becoming more common too, just like in humans I guess. In cows this is due to the fact that we are breeding them so that they are "meatier" i.e. bigger calves which means that the mummy cows can't give birth to them naturally as easily. Isn't that really sad?


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