Annie Sloan paint

I have discovered the best paint ever!

It is completely amazing. I bought an old pine table on ebay the other day and have just painted it in their Louis Blue and it is very pretty. I wasn't sure about it and even thought about taking it back and now I'm so glad I didn't. I will show before and after photos once its dried!

This paint is just the best thing ever, no need to prime surface first, it can be painted on pretty much any surface, both outside and inside. Its also very easy to wash off from the paint brush (big thumbs up from me) and will even wash out of brushes weeks after you have left them to dry. Not that I EVER do that of course! Even if you leave the lid off (by accident) it wont form a skin on the top of the paint.

And the final plus is that it is environmentally friendly paint too.

The only downside is the price, it is quite pricey but I have just painted a coffee size table and have hardly used any of it. Plus you only need to do one coat so effectively using half of what you would do with any other paint.

They do a course, in Oxford conveniently, where they show you how to use their products to the best effect, how to distress furniture etc. The next one is in September so hint hint Mr Rae, this could be my birthday present!

Now, Annie Sloan, do you want to give me a job promoting your products?!

Postat av: Sannie

Ha en awesome fredag, vaja! :D

2011-03-11 @ 10:13:31

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