A&E (akuten)

Ooooppss a little trip to A&E today! It happened whilst working up at the hospital so I didn't have too far to go! Not a very exciting injury I'm afraid. I cut myself on a cup whilst washing up!! To be fair it was quite a deep cut right in the middle of the thumb and the index finger, you could sort of see into the cut! I thought the doctor in maternity was winding me up when she said I had to go to A&E but not so!

Off I went, no special favours for staff, so I had to wait like everyone else to go into triage, where the nurse confirmed that I would probably need a stich. So I wait again for a fair amount of time and then get to see the doctor.

I have never ever had a stich before (not counting the c-section), broken any bones or anything equally dramatic, so one little stich made me quite nervous. It's funny that nothing at work makes me squemish, I'm quite happy to see operations, lots of blood etc but I couldn't watch when he did the (one!) stich in my hand.

The doctor went off and came back with a little mini operating table, with scissors, stiches, stuff to clean the wound with and a needle! I wasn't sure whether to bother with the local anasthetic or not but he recommended it so I went with it. It hurt BADLY!!! ouch ouch ouch, very stingy!

Could feel the stich being put in but not very much so it obviously did its job well. Bandaged up I was then on my way back to work again. Very strange feeling to have a numb hand as most of it seemed to have gone numb from the anasthetic.

Oh, and the last thing the doctor says to me, try not to get your hand wet for 48 hours! WHAT?! How does he think I am going to have a shower, wash my hands, do the washing up etc etc?! Well I guess I will figure that one out soon!

I leave you with a photo of the poor patient!


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