Well this year its really just us as a family for Christmas so we decided to go out for a meal on Christmas Eve. We have just come back from where we had a lovely meal; Pete had garlic prawns to start and I had brie and we both had aromatic lamb shank for main! Too full for pudding I'm afraid! Esme did enjoy her chocolate icecream for pudding though!

Since we got back we have spent the last couple of hours wrapping all the Christmas presents. I thought it might take half an hour and its nearly taken two hours! Oh dear, my New Year's resolution is def going to be to be more organised when it comes to Christmas next year and buy stuff in time, post stuff in time and wrap stuff in time!! 

Reindeer food has been sprinkled outside, a bisuit and a drink has been left for Father Christmas so its nearly time for me to go to bed too!

Esme on the way to our meal; she loves her new glittery ballerina shoes!

Esme and Pappa!

Esme and Mamma!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!


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