God Jul!

God Jul to everyone today! Missing you all lots!

In Sweden Christmas is celebrated today rather than tomorrow and I am sat here missing my Swedish traditions. In Sweden the morning is spent cooking the big dinner which involves around 20 different dishes (see photo below of a typical Christmas dinner).At 3pm everyone sits down and watches Kalle Anka (Donald Duck), its a collection of old Disney cartoons and the same have been shown since 1960 so its the 50th year this year! Luckily for me, my brother has now recorded it for us, so we will be watching it later on today! Can't wait!

After that it is tradition that Pappa goes outside to fetch the post/pops to the shop. During this time Jultomten (Father Christmas) comes and knocks on the door and hands out all the presents. He may be offered some gingerbread bscuits and glogg (mulled wine) during his visit. Once he has finished handing out all the presents he says bye and leaves again. About 5 minutes later Pappa turns up from the postbox/shop and exclaims, Oh No, I have missed Father Christmas again this year!!! Oh I love it!

Sadly for Esme I don't think she will meet Jultomten this year, she will just have to make do with the British way of a Christmas stocking on her door!


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