never ending to do lists

Am I the only one with never ending to do lists?! It's not even like I have just the one to do list either; there is a General to do list, a Christmas to do list (and I'm afraid I am nowhere near towards the end of this one so people are going to be getting their presents in the Spring!), a DIY to do list and lets not even talk about the lists I have at work!

But does all this list writing actually make me any more efficient or does it just mean that I offload all the stuff whirling round in my head onto a list and then forget about it, until I find the list again and start stressing that nothing has been done!?

Is this a female thing only?! Or does men secretly keep to do lists in their manbags these days too?!

Would I be better of having no lists at all and just trying to do stuff as it comes up?! What does everyone else do?

Or is this just because we live in such a stressful world where everyone are trying to multitask endlessly rather than forgetting about lists altogether and just living for "now"?

I'm not sure there is an answer to all this but any help appreciated, I am drowning in to do lists here!

Oh, just to give you a laugh; this is my to do list over the Christmas holidays (is this not meant to be for resting?!)

* finish painting kitchen
* paint hallway
* paint dining area
* buy fabric and make curtains for kitchen
* sand down and varnish worktop in kitchen
* put up curtain pole in bedroom and finish painting
* go to ikea
* ebay/freecycle junk (involves taking photographs of everything which takes me ages!!)
* sort out children's toys

and perhaps read a nice book!


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