spotify and kitchen update

Once again I am probably the last in the universe to log onto the magic of spotify!! So far I have failed to even use the I-pod we bought a few years ago; I have no idea how to download music from the internet; I never even learnt how to record on to videos! (this shows my age!) and I believe it is now possible to record to DVD's! But Spotify I love! Its easy to use and I get music for free! perfect and much recommended so far anyway! Currently sat here listening to Amy Diamond, En Helt ny Jul. Love It! Most probably as its in Swedish which would make me love it whether or not it was any good most probably!

The kitchen is coming on well (I will post more on this no doubt!) and I have just finished painting a second coat of white! Much to the reluctance of the husband we went for high gloss white cupboards with oak worktop and we are now painting the walls white too! Quite scared of doing it as its fairly non-british to have white walls but I just know I will love it (and the husband will love it too!). And if not we can always paint it again I guess!


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