Blimey - a police lady knocked on the door!

Wow, police must be having some sort of drive of being more involved with the community. Just had a knock on the door from a police lady, wanted to introduce herself and let us know that they are contactable at the police station if we ever need them, and they also took down our email address so that for example if there is a burglary in the area in the future then they will email to be more vigilant!

She asked if we have had any problems or anything, which we haven't, and she looked pretty surprised at that and said am I sure?! I asked her about Neighbourhood Watch as I quite fancy getting involved in that. She said it's mainly the older generation that have these groups set up. She promised to look into it and get back to me. But surely it would be better if younger people got involved rather than a bunch of pensioners (no offence old ladies in my neighbourhood!).

Anyone up for starting a Neighbourhood Watch group!?



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