A little stroll!

I meant to post this yesterday but for some reason the blog wasn't working so hence here it is today! Went for a nice little walk with my lovely friend Marie who looked this fetching! She's gonna love me for this! Love you Marie! Puss o Kram!

Postat av: Marie

Oh, that's just cruel! :)

2011-01-22 @ 13:31:31
Postat av: Ann

But I love you for that picture. She is the most gorgeous sister in the world.


2011-01-22 @ 13:46:53
URL: http://annsensogon.blogspot.com
Postat av: alex

He he, sorry Marie! You always manage to look gorgeous though, even in a bright fluorescent vest!!! And Ann, she is the most gorgeous friend too!xx

2011-01-22 @ 18:58:24

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