Toys toys toys!

AAARRRRGGHHGHGHHGHGH  they are driving me mad! How can one little person end up with so much stuff and make such a mess?! No matter how many times we tidy up, five minutes later and it looks like a bomb has hit the house again! I'm one of those mean mamma's too and I don't buy her toys all the time, really only at Christmas and birthdays so I don't understand where all this stuff is coming from?! Maybe the toy troll's come and drop them off at night when we are sleeping? It's really starting to drive me nuts to be honest!

Maybe the solution is to hire some space at one of those storage warehouses situated next to the motorway and then me and Esme can spend our days in a little storagecage playing with playdoh, dolls, trains etc and she can make as much mess as she wants and then come home to a perfectly tidy house? Hhhmm, no? Perhaps I will have to have another think about this!

I know I know, when you have kids you have to live with the toys. But really, its getting out of hand now!

Postat av: Finni - Elliotts morsa

Hej! Tack :)!

Jag skulle prata engelska med honom men det blev inte så och nu har jag gett upp den tanken. Min familj pratar tyska med honom så det är ju skönt :)


2011-01-14 @ 16:15:12

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