New addition to the family

Now this is something that really had to take some persuasion from dear husband and also Esme's godfather Marc but it has finally been decided that we are going to add to our family. Questions like, do we want a boy or a girl, can we really cope with another family member has been going through my mind. Do we really want to start again with a tiny little baby to look after which means we won't be able to just go away for the weekend and do what we want when we want.

Well after signing a contract written up by dear husband and Marc I finally agreed. And so yesterday we went to have a look and have finally decided that we are going to become the proud parents of a black mini lop rabbit that we have named Maxwell Rae. He will be ready to be picked up in about 3 weeks time so looks like we will have to try and find a home for him and get everything ready.

All of you that know me, know that I am probably the least pet loving person in the world (please refer back to the post about Harry the hamster) but what doesn't one do for one's daughter! She is in love with Maxwell already and can't wait to pick him up. As I said this did take some persuasion and I have signed, and put in the safe for future reference, the following contract;

2nd May 2011                        Rabbit Contract
I, Marc Williams hereby agree to the following;
1. to purchase the rabbit, cage and equipment needed to get started
2. to clean out the rabbit whenever I visit
3. to drop round rabbit food monthly to keep him/her fed
4. to look after him/her when you go away

Mr Peter Rae agrees to;
1. clean the rabbit out twice weekly
2. take sole responsibility for its care
3. ensure he/she has a long and happy life

If Marc/pete do not reach their parts of the above agreement;

1. the rabbit will be rehomed
2. they will make a £100 donation to a local animal charity of Alex's choice

And most importantly it is signed by all three parties.

For Marc I feel point number 4 is the absolute most important part and for Pete points 1 and 2 are most important. I have my reservations though!


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